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Be A Part of History

Advertise your business or professional self in the USA

"State In Review" Who's Who Annual Digest

Who's Who Professionals & in Business as we reflect on the USA "State In Review"


We release an annual digest highlighting GREAT professionals and businesses that exist in each state. We provide a microscopic look at what is going on in each state annually.

This is the perfect time to get listed. Who's Who in business in 2020. If your business exists or if you are a professional, you should be listed in Your State In Review. All businesses and professionals who are active should leave their 2020 imprint.

2 Major Asks:

* Share with other businesses who may be interested!

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* Statewide and National Advertising opportunities

* Viewership Reach over 10 million - Free digital Access

* Engaged Viewers who are vested

* Long lifespan

* Government Level Reach

* Target a dedicated market

* Credibility

* Become a part of a nationwide historical document

* Placed in libraries throughout the State

"State In Review" is a historical reference digest which is used to look deeper into your state each year.

Do not be left out as the media and viewers nationwide read and reflects on what happened in your state the previous year including the AMAZING businesses that exist.

Register your business or professional self TODAY for best placement!

This is also an opportunity for the community to leave their comments about the good and bad things that happened in your state that year. Rate your State and Spill the Tea by clicking HERE!

Your "State In Review" is released the 1st week in February Digitally with physical copies being made available to Government entities, the media, the general public, and libraries.

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We rely on generous donations to keep us going strong!

Please consider making a donation!

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State In Review

- Advertising professionals & businesses nationwide in a Year In Review Format for each state!


The Celebrity Entertainment Business Awards celebrates the achievements of CelebPreneurs, Entrepreneurs and KiddiePreneurs nationwide. Accepting Sponsors, Nominees, and Vendors. Tickets are available to the event.

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