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Do you want to make some extra money and receive hands-on entrepreneurial education?

Being a KiddiePreneur Brand Ambassador is SUPER Fun, a great learning experience, and provides Monetary Incentives! The program is open to youth ages 8-17 across the USA. As a KiddiePreneur Ambassador - You play a major role in connecting businesses in your community with others nationwide.

The KiddiePreneur Brand Inc., Ambassador Program provides hands-on experience to help youth negotiate, present their ideas, speak confidently in public, be critical thinker, learn time management, money management, as well as researching skills which all are applicable to real-world scenarios which are bound to occur. Most notable is the increase in the self-confidence and leadership skills acquired by youth who partake in The KiddiePreneur Brand Inc., Ambassador Program.

The KiddiePreneur Ambassador program is a FREE program which brings entrepreneurial awareness to youth nationwide. We connect KiddiePreneur Ambassadors with business professionals for hands-on entrepreneurial education. The KiddiePreneur Ambassador program is open to individuals, schools, and community groups who wish to incorporate the Ambassador program into their organization. KiddiePreneurs can raise money as an individual or as a group for a special initiative.

You are moments away from becoming an Official KiddiePreneur Ambassador

* As a KiddiePreneur Ambassador, you connect with GREAT Business Owners in your community
* Get insight on how to start your business by asking business owners questions
* Direct Business Owners to REGISTER to join our KiddiePreneur Business Directory!
* Business Owner Registration is EASY! They simply Signup via your unique Ambassador referral code (Provided via email). It takes 2 minutes! Be sure to use your referral code as we CANNOT track your 10% commission any other way!

That's right, we will send you Cash via our distribution method PayPal on the 15th of each month!
*Tip: You can connect with businesses in person, online, or via phone (Don't SPAM though!)

* Ambassadors will have the opportunity to attend the Celebrity Entertainment Business Awards - CEBA held annually in June
* Ambassadors will have the opportunity to attend exclusive The KiddiePreneur Brand Inc., events when available
* All Ambassadors will receive The KiddiePreneur In You E-book (PDF Format)
* Ambassadors will Receive an OFFICIAL KiddiePreneur Ambassador Participation E- Certificate (PDF Format)

Take the KiddiePreneur Ambassador Oath Today and Register To Become a KiddiePreneur Ambassador!

The KiddiePreneur Ambassador Oath
I am Amazing
I am Unique
I  am Respectful
I will always travel with my Caregiver when visiting businesses
I will connect with businesses and inform them to become KiddiePreneur Approved!
I promise to be the best me
I will communicate with The KiddiePreneur Brand regularly
I will follow all of The KiddiePreneur Brand Principle
I am a KiddiePreneur Ambassador!

KiddiePreneur Ambassador Registration Form

The KiddiePreneur Ambassador Legal Guardian Allows The KiddiePreneur Brand Inc. to Post the Picture on our Website and Social Media Accounts a well as media outlets for promotional use?
The KiddiePreneur Ambassador Legal Guardian agrees to youth participation and agrees to follow all The KiddiePreneur Brand rules and policies. Legal Guardian also understand that participation is fully voluntary and you agree to hold The KiddiePreneur Brand and its affiliates harmless of any claims or liabilities as a result of one's voluntary participation in the program.

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