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The KiddiePreneur Brand connects EXPERTS content with BLOG BUSTERS

EXPERTS grow their businesses by submitting content and having it shared by thousands of 


How It Works

 *Digital Marketers Sign-up 

*We will send you a form to submit your Clients weekly content

*We then upload your Clients content which is then shared via Social Media by our BLOG BUSTERS

*Sit back and watch us INCREASE your Clients social media engagement and credibility

Benefits of being an EXPERT!

 BONUS *Advertising via our geo-location feature of our business directory! 

 BONUS *Target Analysis - What does your client's ideal customer look like?

*Submit weekly Content to be shared via Social Media by our BLOG BUSTERS

*Passive Brand Advertising

*Increased Visibility

*Increased Social Media Engagement

*Real Genuine Social Media Reviews

*Networking Opportunities

*Testimonial Opportunities

*Ambassador Opportunities

*Referral Opportunities

*Speaking Opportunities

*Media Opportunities - The media is always looking for EXPERTS

*An opportunity to attend the Celebrity Entertainment Business Awards as a Nominee!

Sign-up for Just $599.00 Setup/1st 2 Months

(Fees are non refundable!  Billed every 2 months $599)

For use up to 3 Clients on this plan