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Chrissy Steed, MBA

Chrissy Steed, MBA, author, educator, motivational speaker and entrepreneurial business owner , makes it her business to help other entrepreneurs survive, thrive, and inspire.

Chrissy is an advocate for grassroots business startups. She admits that it is a harder road, but the end result is much more fulfilling. Having started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14, her wisdom is impeccable. Chrissy recently spoke at an event and "left the audience inspired" exclaimed the event's organizer.

Chrissy is the author of The KiddiePreneur In You book which received rave reviews from celebrities, parents, and children across the USA. One parent stated "Thank you Chrissy Steed you have been a blessing to me and my child, The KiddiePreneur In You Book is awesome." 

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